I would like to learn more technics to use at the time of teaching, how to introduce a new topic to the students, also how to plan my lessons. I'm sure that this course will be very useful.


Welcome to the Didactics-A wiki!

What do you expect to learn together this year? What would you like to learn?

I expect to learn useful theory about the process of learning. I hope that the reading of the material will help me to open my mind in order to start planning my lessons according to what I'm learning in the Didactics lessons.

I'd like to learn classroom technics, tools and everything that has to do with our daily job: how to present an activity, how to develop it and how to attract the student's attention constantly.

I'd like to learn the best way to teach and to leave my shyness behind. Also I'm hoping to learn how to deal with a class and how to plan the lessons. I'm very exited to start teaching!

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Thanks, Adri. I've just written my name down below what I wrote. The other paragraph belongs to Caro's ideas.

I expect to learn the best way to teach.

To make children to love English as much I do.

To learn how to plan a good class.

To share with all the the group activities for the persons who are working with children.

I expect that the material that we are going to use, will help us to apply all the knowledge in a class.


I've been working as a teacher for eight years and I could learn a lot through my experience in front of the students. But attending this subject will help me to analyse my daily work from a different point of view, to compare real classroom situations and theory. I'd like to know if what I think is right for my students is really appropriate for them.
Planning is also a very important issue. I don't like planning and it takes me a lot of time because I donĀ“t know how to do it. I'd really like to learn how to deal with it.

I expect to learn new and funny techniques to make little children love English. I think that if they love what they learn, they will never forget it. I want to improve my way of planning classes too, in order to organize myself and make them better for my students.

I`ve been teaching for a lot of years.Times change,students change,so I need more tools to encourage them,to motivate them,to enjoy learning English.
Besides, I want to learn to plann better,to make it easier and more practical for me.

I expect to learn the best way to teach and to learn how to plan a good class such as, how to present an activity, how to develop it and how to attract the student's attention.
I think that the presentation is very important because if students love what they learn, they will never forget it. So, I want to learn techniques in order to motivate them to enjoy learning English and when I work as a teacher I will put it on practice. (Pamela)

I expect to learn many strategies to teach the language. I love english and I love teaching so I would like the children to want to learn and enjoy the language.
I want to learn how to plan good activities for children and try to develop them in a good and enjoyable way.
I've been teaching for many years and I think I can improve a lot of tools of teaching.