Now that we have discussed the different theories of learning in relation to language learning, let's see if we can make a summary of how children learn languages and how they behave as language learners. The idea is that each of you add something to the previous comments to complete the summary.

Children learn best when they are engaged in what they are doing...
They learn best when we motivate them, in order to give them comprehensible imput helping with visual aids, body language, gestures, pictures and other materials to make them feel confident. (Veronica)

If they enjoy what they are learning, and they are exposed to visual,auditory and kinesthetic activities, they
improve the process of learning a second language.Estelah

As Stephen Krashen said, "motivation" is a key factor in language acquisition. The way in which students can be motivated depends on the characteristics of the group: age, cognitive style of learning, social context etc. However, beyond the group, the teacher should always act as a mediator between knowledge and learners. (Vanina M.)

The students need to be motivated in learning a foreign language and they also need interact among them. A best way to motivate them could be through routines in which the teacher gives activities to catch their attention and can add new vocabularies. (Pamela)

Taking into account the theories of learning I think that We have to motivate students to learn English. The teacher has an important role in the classroom because he/she is the connection between the knowledge and children. I like motivate them using different songs, visual aids such as videos, posters, etc, stories, role playing and drama. Children love listening to stories and acting out and I love too so I try to do these activities once or twice a week.