Me bag
Place a white paper bag on each desk on the morning of the first day. The bags should contain pencils, name tags, and other items that the students will need to help get the class organized. Also, include a letter introducing yourself, telling of hobbies, etc. The students decorate the bags with pictures from magazines or drawings that represent themselves. You should already have a sample one about yourself. The students take their bags home and put inside any special or important objects to share with the class. From this bag some writing assignments or coloring activities can stem.

Candies get kids talking!
Rocklets: for each rocklet the students get, the must say one thing about themselves while moving to music. An option: each colour of candy represents a category the students must speak about, for eg, orange: scary memories, red: great vacations, green: family, etc.

Paper Dolls
Bring to the class paper dolls for students to dress as they like by coloring them or making clothes out of fabric, wallpaper, etc. They should leave the face portion blank. Meanwhile, you take digital pictures of their faces (or you tell them in advance to bring one of their own).The students, then, glue the pictures to the dolls. You can laminate them and hang them on the wall.

We are all unique!
Students list some traits that make them unique. From that list, create a bingo-like card with a square for each student. write one fact form each student's list in one of the squares; they must ask one another if they 'sleep with a stuffed toy', for eg. When the students identify the person who matches the information in the square, that person writes his or her initials in the box. Set a time limit and see who collects the most initials before time runs out.

I prepare another icebreacker and it is:
siting down on the [[#|floor]], the teacher and all the students, the teacher start with the ball in his/her hands, and he/she has to talk about him/her, what´s his/her name, what does he/she like, ha old is he/she, etc., and he/she has to pass the ball to another children and they have to continue the circle doing the same.
It is to know eachother.


Just like me!

Teacher says a phrase like: I like chocolate! Students who agree, have to stand up and say aloud: just like me!!!!!!!The others keep sitting on their chair. Each student says a phrase in turns,and the whole class,including the teacher say : just like me! They enjoy it!
Estela H

I tell the students to sit down in a circle on the floor. I take a wool ball and I present myself showing the ball in my hand, then I pass the ball to one student from the circle but keeping the yarn in my hand. The student who has the ball presents his or herself and pass the ball to a partner keeping the yarn, and while presenting ourselves a net is being formed. The net represents the good relationship between partners that we want for our group.